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Is artificial turf safe for pets?

Yes. All our products are safe and do not cause any harmful affects to pets or children. We offer pet turf products that are designed for areas with high pet traffic, such as doggy daycare centers, that are shorter and offer faster drainage.

Will my lawn get dangerously hot during summer months?

While modern technology has significantly reduced the surface temperature of artificial grass, it can still get hot during summer months in areas where there is no shade. An easy solution is to lightly spray water with a garden hose over the turf for about 15 seconds.

Will my turf begin to smell like pet urine? What do I do if my turf smells?

The infill that we use helps prevent bacteria from accumulating, which reduces the odors of pet urine and feces. The grey breeze base system helps with drainage, keeping excess moisture from standing statically. However, in small spaces exposed to numerous pets, such as a doggy day care centers, odor can be noticeable. An easy solution is to apply a deodorizer spray designed specifically for artificial turf. We will be selling a deodorizer spray at our store soon!

How long does artificial turf last/What is the life expectancy of my artificial grass lawn?

With periodic care, an artificial grass lawn has a 20-year life expectancy. Turf spaces exposed to large amounts of foot traffic, such as doggy day care centers or craft beer gardens, will typically wear down and become “matted” sooner than an area with light traffic. For high traffic areas, we recommend a turf with a shorter height.

What maintenance does artificial turf require?

Maintaining an artificial turf space is very easy and takes significantly less time than real grass. A leaf blower or a rake with plastic tines can be used to clear debris, and a garden hose can be used to spray off stuck-on debris or pet feces. We send a maintenance guide to every customer after their turf has been installed, and we offer free guides upon request.

Does PlushGrass use rubber pellets as infill?

We do not use crumb rubber pellets in any of our turf applications. Our infill is a silica-based sand that contains an antimicrobial, UV resistant coating. Silica-based infills enhance the integrity of artificial turf by preventing wrinkles and keeping the fibers stood upright. Our Envirofill infill has the added benefit of an antimicrobial coating.

What goes underneath the turf itself?

We support our artificial turf installations with four inches of compacted crushed granite, otherwise known as “gray breeze.” This base allows our installers to easily modify the drainage system while providing a smooth, sturdy foundation.

Are weeds a concern with artificial turf?

Weeds seldom, if ever, grow underneath the turf. However, there are some noxious weeds in Colorado, such as bindweeds and thistle, that may attempt to grow underneath or along perimeters. These species thrive in hot, dry conditions, and should be treated prior to turf installation. See Colorado State University Extension for more information about noxious weed species.

Should I be concerned about my high-efficiency windows damaging the turf?

Some high efficiency windows act as a magnifying glass by reflecting solar rays onto adjacent turf spaces, heating them up beyond their temperature capacity and causing melting damage. Our PlushGrass sales representatives will help assess your space to determine if there is any risk of magnification prior to installation. If such risk exists, we advise installing antireflective film to reduce the magnification intensity or installing an awning to block off excess sunshine before getting artificial turf.

How does PlushGrass price their install proposals?

We offer a per-square-foot price that includes every part of the install process (tear-out of existing materials and install of new materials). The pricing varies from several factors, such as the accessibility of the desired specifically for turf, what existing landscaping needs to be torn out or modified, which turf product is chosen and the total size of the project. To request a quote, fill out an online request, give us a call at (833) 649-1151, or come stop by our showroom on 62nd and Broadway in Denver!

What kind of warranty does PlushGrass offer?

Our artificial turf manufacturers offer a 15-year warranty for the turf itself, which covers any manufacturer defects to the integrity of the turf (streaks, damaged fibers, etc.). PlushGrass also offers a 1-year maintenance warranty for the final installation of yard spaces, and a 2-year maintenance warranty for Celebrity Greens customers. Click this link to view our warranty policy.

Why is one turf more expensive than the other?

The prices of various turf products vary for 3 reasons: One factor is the “weight” in ounces per square inch. “Spring 65,” for example, has a shorter pile height and fewer fibers per tuft than “Spring 85,” making it less expensive. A second factor is the style of backing. Spring 65, 85, Elite Lawn 75, and Plush Pet use “PureFlow,” a backing that allows water to pass through the entire surface. Our other products, such as All Seasons, pass water only through perforated holes, making it less advanced than the PureFlow system. A third factor is the quality of the fibers themselves. “Wave,” our least expensive turf, uses more basic technology in its fibers than other products.

What style of putting green is best for me?

PlushGrass offers two putting green styles: Short-pile and slit film “Celebrity Green.” Short-pile greens are best for indoor putting spaces and outdoor areas with limited space. They putt like a natural putting green, but they do not hold pitch, chip, or lob shots like a natural putting surface. These are the least expensive option. “Celebrity Greens” represent the most advanced artificial turf putting green technology; they are the closest thing to a natural putting green that exists. They use a slit-film turf that is almost entirely filled with sand and rigorously rolled to manipulate the putting speed. They also feature a shock pad below the putting surface that absorbs chip, pitch, and lob shots like a natural green. These greens are the most expensive option but are recommended for serious golfers looking to take a few strokes off their game!

Request a FREE on-site, artificial grass consultation.